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When one moves outside the chic seaside resorts with their spruced up souks, the romantic image of Morocco quickly gives way to harsh reality. Here, Morocco shows a different face: the face of poverty. Although the well-developed infrastructure might initially lead one to believe otherwise, destitution, need and suffering are rife in this, the most western of Arab nations. Bitter poverty coexists alongside opulent wealth and casual wastefulness.

A better life comes when we, the ones who have, are willing to sacrifice a little to leave a lasting impact on disadvantaged families and children caught in the cycle of poverty. So, together we trust that you will impact many people and change the direction for families, women, and children caught in generational poverty.

Together we can make a difference!

Whatever the amount, everyone can participate in this pot. No need to create an account or register, it's fast and payments are 100% secure. Possibility to participate by credit card or .

If you can not participate financially, share this kitty around you to the maximum. THANK YOU !

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