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I created this fundraising after meeting Chris, a Filipino that created a shelter to rescue dogs, in Siargao island. 

The project, personal investment and devotion of Chris towards thoses animals went straight to my heart, so I choose to give him a hand. As money is the nerve of everything, please if you can donate.. donate. Thank you.

Lots of dogs are on the streets and suffer from skin infection and no food access. 

Chris, with his tiny funds, is giving his time and money to vaccine, treat disease, and offering a good life to the dogs in General Luna.

This fundraising is gonna be use to buy medecine and vaccines, food for dogs and puppies. Also, to maintain the quality of the shelter where are rescued the dogs. 

As the Filipino salary is on average 450aud/280eur, this is necessary to get help from others to allows the place’s sustainability. As Chris is doing all of that with his own funds, and got no subventions, I count on you guys and your generosity.

A vaccine and anti-rabbies treatment cost on average 10aud/6euros, so any help would be really appreciated.

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