Invisible handicap - Help to blossom

Lancée le 14 déc. 2022

Fermée depuis le 8 février 2023

To all the charitable souls, to all those who one day hoped to get help from nowhere and who today can play the role of the one who reaches out and give a hand. To all those who want to believe in everyone's potential and want to help change a life, a destiny.

On paper, others may be more to be pitied than me, I admit that, but there are invisible things that are hard to see, hard to explain, and hard to understand. Multi graduate, prestigious schools, future mapped out, remarkable skills from an early age, but in the end, a total mess, no results, no exploited potential, no achievement, wasted time, lost life, relationships and experiences lost.

Diagnosed with high intellectual potential, chronic deep depression, anxiety, stress, morbid obesity then drastic weight loss (gastrectomy) and now the need for surgery to overcome excess fat and skin, unemployment for a year, abysmal debt to finance studies, urgent bank overdraft, total loneliness, extremely toxic environment, no one to understand, no one to allow time to bounce back, no one to allow gaps to be filled, no one to share their vision of the world, no one to accept as I am, no one to be the mentor who will optimize qualities and believe in a better version of me.

I beg you from the bottom of my soul, help me get my head out of the water and the lethargy that makes me miss out on my life

Thank you


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