Grouped present for Jordan!

Marion Hubert
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Hello everyone!

I would like to bring the idea of a grouped present for Jordan's birthday (34 yo on Jan 22nd)

Here are some things I know he would really like, depending on the budget we will have:

1) a double gigbag for guitar and banjo (307€ chez Thomann) 

2) a painting by the multitalented Dédé Macchabée! (Various sizes and prices) 

3) essential: a tshirt of Serge le lapin, the mascot of Paris metro

4) other ideas : wine and beer glasses, a printer, a vinyl record player...

Feel free to contribute by any amount, this platform is very easy to use and you can pay by credit card or . If you prefer to give some cash at the party, please let me know how much so I can hopefuly buy the presents before the day!

Merci beaucoup ! Thanks a lot!

Cagnotte clôturée avec 9 participants
+ 20 €
Le 23 janv. 2020
par Eléonore Giraud
Joyeux anniversaire Jordan :)
Le 22 janv. 2020
par Louise Pardé
+ 15 €
Le 22 janv. 2020
par Jeanbaptiste Willaume
+ 20 €
Le 22 janv. 2020
par Lucie Coppee
Happy Birthday Old Man !
+ 15 €
Le 22 janv. 2020
par Sylvain Brunerie
+ 20 €
Le 21 janv. 2020
par Michel Rechtman
Happy birthday Jordan. Such a big tall and almost old musician now!!!!
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