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Hello all! The time has come…Rad Music International is organizing a Cultural Event of Human Being on Friday 9 September at 20:00-01:00 at Tsamakia Beach.

For us is a historic event with the goal to bring together all the people – refugees, locals and international volunteers - through different activities.

In order to organize this event, we will need your essential support. With your help we are going to rent the Sound system and Stage for the event. We need the amount of 2000 € to make it possible. Our campaing will only take 10 days !

We will provide Online Event on our social media for those will not be with us on Lesvos during the Cultural Event of Human Being.

The event includes:

-Presentation of Traditional Food (Afghan, African, Arabic, Greek)

-Refugees Talks 1922-2022


-Dance (Afghan, African, Arabic, Greek)

- Music with Cantalaloun Choir and Rad Music International

We aim to do the difference through all these activities, to bring people together, to have positive and creative intercultural interaction and to help refugees to be integrate into the society of Mitylene.

It is really important and our strong to have the testimonies of refugees used to be on Lesvos before and say for our events that are the first things they did inside the society of Mytilene, the first act of integration and interaction with locals in the heart of the town and out of the RIC of Moria or Mavrovouni later.

We want bring new light and new wave on the dialogue about Refugees situation and try to propose solutions for the future. The main idea is us –as human beings- to understand that a refugee can be anyone, there are no specific marks or criteria. Today can be us but unfortunately the History has shown that tomorrow can be anyone. Therefore, it is imperative how we choose to welcome those that are unfortunate, running from war or persecution.

This year we have more reasons to consider about this significant topic. It has been one hundred years since the Asian Minor Disaster (1922-2022). Local communities represented on the island will be invited to share with us their stories from the past as an essential lesson for our future life.

We will also invite international volunteers who have tirelessly been helping refugees since the disaster of Refugees Crisis in 2015 and we will also invite Refugee communities who are present today on the island.

Your support is essential to us, in order to continue to bring people together!

Culture connects people.

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