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Mohamadou Bouba
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Some donors have reached the old goal.  The remaining money will be used to buy building materials and to make the land title.  We calculated with their lawyer to have a land in the city of Maroua for an area of ​​20 mx 20 m it takes a maximum of 3000 € so the construction that will cost will also cost maximum 2000 € for two rooms.  We calculated that it was necessary 7500 € for the two families.  It is important to explain to donors the importance of this remaining money.  We still need people to donate ... !!♥️

Posté le 27 nov. 2019, 17h29

Dear friends, We need your support to reach the objectives of 4550 €.

Posté le 24 nov. 2019, 11h49

Dear brothers and sister, We are engaged in the fight against climate change our young people around the world. Our fight is to make our leaders precise to change the mentality to answer climatic challenges. Unfortunately we young people from Cameroon, we are victims of police violence in our country. We are clear on September 20th to ask the local authorities to react to the climate change that our country is suffering. This bargain at cost to our two strikers comrades up to what is in prison. We need your support to help the families of our fellow strikers who sold their property to free our two comrades.

Posté le 23 nov. 2019, 15h07

We need your donations to achieve the goals.

Posté le 23 nov. 2019, 15h01

Hi, Thank you very much for your donations to the family of our two fellow strikers in Cameroon. cordially Mohamadou


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