« Tentatives en étoile » - Pierre BOESWILLWALD

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Grand voile dans le temps (2015) - 5:36
Rather than the timbre or the identification of the sound, I wanted in this study, to play on the variations of signal intensities. It is the sound movement that carries meaning ; it shows drama. It is not playing with duration (which is specific to music) but with movement in time … It is the correspondent of the gesture in plastic art …

Doux Labyrinthe (2015) - 11:00
Study on " Other-Music ". Fighting landscapes !

Un seul et les autres (2016) - 15:41
Short study on a rather pathetic theme : loneliness in society.
It is one more step on the path of my old research on possible aesthetics, born out of a sound construction specific to the specific possibilities of electro-acoustics, which is closer to the plastic arts than to music. The sounds here are not sound objects, melodic or rhythmic motifs, but more or less identifiable dramatic presences that invent virtual and fleeting universes at the heart of the imagination of a listener who accepts adventure !

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