Taytay 30th girls' trip

Lancée le 16 févr. 2024 Privée


collectés avec 9 participants

Fermée depuis le 6 juin 2024

Hi gals! 

For her 30th, you've been invited to Taylor's girls' weekend away. It will most likely be in may. It will be about like 2 hours away from Paris car distance I would say, I will be the designated taxi driver and well rent a house. 

And I was thinking that we could gift her her trip (transportation/housing/food) 

I started budgeting, and it will most likely be around like 150€-200€/person. 

So if we could reach that amount here for her part in it I thought it'd be swell :) 

But absolutely no pressure at all. Anything will already be appreciated :)

Ok, kisses

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