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Dear all,

I am reaching out to you on a personal matter since we getting closer to Chrismas and I want to appel to your guys hearts and ask for a little support on the following matter. 

It been 2 years now that I am helping a goub of children living in a kids shellter from the Red Cross in Germany. We supporting them with all kind a goods ( clothes, toys, school material etc ... ) and collecting money in order to support all kind of their needs. 

This kids been all taken out of their families and life in the guardien ship of the Red Cross through terrible circumstances as sexual or physical assaults. 

They between 8-12 years young and have pretty much no one anymore in their lifes besides this wonderful civil workers from the Red Cross who try their best to comfort and raise this kids. 

The goverment supoorts this kids with 20 Euros per moth per child in order to help with school, pocket and personal money. As you may can imagine this amount dosen't even come close to what a child reallly needs per month in order to be ok. 

That for I want to ask you all, in their behalf to help us out by giving a little donation in order to contribute to some christmas presents or other things they really need but who they can't effort. 

Whatever the amount, everyone can participate in this pot. No need to create an account or register, it's fast and payments are 100% secure. Possibility to participate by credit card.

If you can not participate financially, share this fundraiser around you to the maximum. THANK YOU !

We makie sure the money get to the kids directly and it's well used. 


This is not a scam and you all welcome to contact me on Whats App or via E Mail if you want to double check and make sure !!!

Thanks so much. 


Oliver Ress

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from claudias and franks anniversary for our youth
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