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Quran Cure for the Hearts
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Wassalamualikum Wa Rahmahtullahi Wa Barakahtuhu

My name is Ylber coming from Kosovo, south east of Europe, i have a master degree in French Language and Literature, its been now 8 months that i got married. Allah has blessed me with a good wife who helps me creating videos and support me in my beloved deen. 

We actually live in the city of Pristina, and we both have the same dream to move to Madinah Munawara in order to seek knowledge. I have to extend my knowledge in Arabic language and become a translator of books in order to make other generation to profit and learn their true deen without bidah and fake interpretations. My wife wants to become a gynecologist and help sisters all around the world incha Allah. she will become hafidh of Quran incha Allah also.

Allah has said in the Quran : "Whoever fears Allah Allah will find a way out for him and He will provide him from sources that he could never have imagined." Qur'an 65, verse 2-3

Our days are full of joy, we do not work in companies or anywhere else, we try to learn as much as possible from our deen. 

The channel we own Quran Cure for the hearts is 5 years old now, and has reached 115 subsribers from all around the world, our videos are not monetized, because Quran is pure and unique and cannot be mixed with ads or anything else.  We ask Allah to preserve it.  

We continue working on it and during this month of Ramadan incha Allah we will upload more videos to bring joy in the homes of muslims.  

We ask Allah to give us courage health and strength in our deen and make muslims as one body.

We congragulate you with the best greeting 

Wassalamualikum Wa Rahmahtullahi Wa Barakahtuhu

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